Food Program

The freedom of man,

I contend, is the freedom to eat.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Haiti ranks 112 out of 117 countries on the 2015 Global Hunger Index, only 5 countries from the bottom. Access to sufficient quantities of nutritious food remains an ongoing struggle for millions of Haitians. The country’s agriculture sector does not produce enough food crops and livestock to feed its people forcing Haiti to import 60 percent of the food it needs, including as much as 80 percent of one of its main food staples - rice.


RISE Haiti provides food to those most at risk of malnourishment including orphans, the elderly, and school children in Vignier and surrounding communities. RISE Haiti feeds over 700 school children and nearly 100 school faculty at least one meal a day, five days a week. For many of these children, it is the only meal they have that day.


Another at-risk group we focus on is the elderly. In Haiti, seniors do not have pensions and are often left to fend for themselves. Through the Food Program, we are able to offer much-needed attention and care to those who often feel forgotten. Our team delivers care packages to our aging neighbors containing nutritious food and, when available, toiletries, clothing, and other necessities.

RISE Haiti is also committed to helping some of the littlest Haitians; the nearly one million orphans throughout the country. The orphan population nearly doubled after the 2010 earthquake that killed around 300,000 people. RISE Haiti helps care for and feed orphans in Vignier and Thiotte, with future plans to build orphanages in both communities.


In Haiti, there is a saying, “Sak vid pa kanp”. It means an empty sack cannot stand up. Before we call a people to rise, their basic needs must first be filled. With support from generous people like you, we are able to help our country progress by fulfilling this fundamental first step.




Team up with us and help make a difference in Haiti.



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