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Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'


Martin Luther King Jr.

RISE Haiti is passionate about helping those most in need. We are equally passionate about shifting the mindset of Haitians to see themselves, not as helpless victims, but as hopeful visionaries. By providing jobs, education, and training, we turn locals into leaders that take responsibility for bringing positive, social, economic, and ideological change to the country of Haiti.


This starts with dignifying people with the opportunity to work hard and create income. Jobs in Haiti are extremely hard to come by; over two-thirds of the labor force do not have formal jobs. RISE Haiti serves local communities and creates job opportunities at the same time that immediately impact local economies.


We have built three educational buildings, two cafeterias, and office space for our school in Vignier, employing hundreds of Haitian laborers in the acquisition, transporttion, and construction of each project. These projects alone have injected about $1.67 million into our local communities. The ICCV school also employs over 80 people with a monthly payroll of about $9000. This money comes from the generous investment of people like you, earning exponential interest with every job created.


After the 2010 earthquake, the orphan population nearly doubled to around one million. RISE Haiti’s vision to build safe and caring orphanages was born through our continued involvement with the many orphans throughout the communities we serve.


Over $15,000 has already been given for the construction of an orphanage on our land in Vignier. Our second orphanage location will be in Thiotte, where an existing building can be purchased and renovated for about $37,794. Again, these projects will serve homeless children in desperate need while providing scarce construction and staffing jobs for hard working adults.

Youth Center

Training young people in valuable job and leadership skills is at the heart of RISE Haiti’s Youth Center project. This program is intended to help Haitian youth who struggle with a lack of vision for themselves and for their country’s development.  Hands on training in welding, computer literacy, graphics, art, mechanics, health, entrepreneurial and environmental science is designed to impart skills that create incredible opportunities.


These job skills are matched with leadership training in discipline, values, politics, and social awareness; equipping the mind to think as well as the hand to work. These young people will be exposed to entirely different ways of thinking through interactions with international volunteers, learning valuable lessons in the exchange.


The Youth Center project attempts to combat the country’s “brain drain”, the brightest minds leaving the nation to live and work elsewhere. RISE Haiti believes that Haitians need to see themselves as their nation’s solution and work relentlessly to bring change.

$70,000 have been spent to acquire the land and plans are being drawn up and finalized. With your help, we can train leaders to take responsibility and be the change they wish to see.

Team up with us and help make a difference in Haiti.



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